Welcome Apprentice Catherine Cooch!

This past summer Ms. Cooch attended RIOULT Dance NY’s Summer Intensive 2013, soon after, the Company was auditioning for a female apprentice.
After a grueling audition process alongside 216 dancers, Catie became our new apprentice! We are thrilled to have her on our team!  Read her bio here.
I feel so fortunate that I was selected to be an apprentice at RIOULT Dance NY.  The Summer Intensive I took with the Company prepared me for the audition process and gave me a clear advantage over other dancers unfamiliar with Pascal Rioult’s choreography and process. The RIOULT Summer Intensive is an outstanding way to help prepare any dancer for a professional dance career.
–- Catie Cooch
Apprentice Catherine Cooch

Dancing with RIOULT Stars

Special thanks to all the participants of the McCann School dance camp Dancing with RIOULT Stars as well as all the kids that auditioned for a chance to perform Small Steps, Tiny Revolutions.

The following kids will perform in the final production of Small Steps, Tiny Revolutions with New York based modern dance company RIOULT:

Alyssa Boob, Alexandra Clingerman, Emily Dale, Cassandra Greenland, Sophia Heltman, Mma Ikwut-Ukwa, Rachel King Faythe, Lewis S. Noah, Mendum-Purdy, Megan Reese, Emma Smith, Ashley Van Veenendaal, Madison Wadlinger.

And understudies: Abigail Casner, Bryn Hawbaker, Serena Hunter, Aria Sakon,a Katicia Sakona and Piper Wadlinger.


Watch Dancing with RIOULT Stars video