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Women on the Edge, Part 3:

Cassandra’s Curse

Cassandra’s Curse, the third installment of our examination of the role of women in times of conflict is centered around the character of Cassandra. She was a seer who warned every one of the impending doom the Trojan war would bring to all. Did they listen? They called her crazy and locked her up. Do we ever listen to the voice of reason, to the lessons of the past?

Following Euripides’ example of his play The Trojan Women, my piece is the most blatant anti-war statement of the trilogy. 
At the time I choreographed this piece the Syrian war was raging. Every day on TV we saw images of destroyed cities, dead bodies on the streets, and thousands of refugees fleeing Aleppo. I decided to use these very images and project them onto the scenery to make the message more real, more poignant. And to connect today to 450 BC.

But because I believe that humanity somehow always prevails, I gave Cassandra the last words of hope, healing, and rebirth. Her curse becomes her glory. I hope that you will be moved by her plight. 

-  Pascal Rioult

Why Cassandra:

Rioult on the process

Lead Dancer Sara Seger on

“taking the high road”

Watch the piece :

Cassandra’s Curse

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