“The dance told me about each of the dancers personalities. It showed teamwork and emotions without words. When the guys were picking up the girls, they had to work on balance together.

I can relate to the dancers. Manhattan is so crowded -People pushing one another to get to where they need to be. As a kid, you sometimes get scared of the tall people.

If I was in the dance, my personality would be happy. I chose this because I always try to make everything positive. I try to make myself happy no matter what, which is why happy suits me.

Pascal uses classical music to show emotions. Since the songs were mostly slow tempo, the audience was able to observe better, it gave the audience time to examine every move and facial expression.

If I were a critic, I would recommend the dance. I would recommend it because it’s different. It shows more detailed expression.”
– Ramon Vargas

“The dance that was performed spoke to me in many ways.  Living in New York City, I related to all of the dancers – specially the dance that played a fragile person. I say the fragile one because although I may act as a tough person, on the inside, I’m a very fragile person if you just get to know me.

If I were in the dance, the kind of personality I would have would be the hopeless, fragile personality. Being fragile is like putting emotion into something that is broken so often over and over.

Pascal uses classical music (Bach) to tell a modern, timeless story with gentle movement, and lifts and also with a lot of emotion in the movement.

I recommend you to see this performance because it is inspirational and understanding in many ways.“
– Shavagne Waliott

“Thank you for inviting us to that wonderful performance. The dancers were great. Once again, thank you!! It was weird when the boys wore skirts but it was nice!!”
– Bismel Batista, P.S. 147

“Thank you for sending us tickets for free for the show. How did the boy dancers feel about wearing the skirts?”
– Anthony Algarin, P.S. 147

“When I went to the performance I was excited. I like when the men were going wild. I also like when the dancers told us something about themselves. I thank you, Mr. Rioult, for giving us a great performance.”
– Hosley Morales, P.S. 147

“I thank you for letting me come for free. And thank one of your dancers for letting me go up on stage and dance with them!”
– Koii

“The trip that we went to on Tuesday was fun. I liked all the dances. My favorite dance was “Wild Horses.” I like when the ladies were on the men’s backs. I also liked when the dancers brought the kids on stage.  I talked about it all day. I still know how to do the dance steps. Anyways, I thank you planning the trip. Thank you.”
– Marquis, P.S. 147

“If I was in the dance, I’d be a girl who doesn’t have any freedom. Then one day, I finally get it and travel the world. The first thing I’d do is go to 42nd Street.”   -Tashna Trottman

“The dance company worked with my sixth grade students this past winter. Teaching artist Stacy Soroczynski taught a series of dance workshops to three sixth grade classes based on the work “City.”

“The workshops introduced our students to modern dance and RIOULT choreography.  I highly recommend RIOULT’s DanceREACH program. “
– Patricia Applgate, William McKinley JHS

“If I was in the dance, I’d be a girl who doesn’t have any freedom. Then one day, I finally get it and travel the world. The first thing I’d do is go to 42nd Street.”
– Tashna Trottman

“I would recommend Pascal Rioult to everyone because I think that people would like to express how they feel and so much more.”
– Brittney Bailey

“Thank you for the tickets and I loved the dance performance. It was stunning and nice. How did you get the costumes, where did they come from? By the way, I love the La Guardia Performing Arts Center. It was nice, clean, and beautiful. It is the biggest theater I have ever seen and it’s like being in a movie theater.”
– Dominique Reese, P.S. 147

“PS 11 has been fortunate to work with RIOULT for five years. Our ongoing relationship with RIOULT Dance NY and the support of the dance program by our PTAA, speaks to the program’s success and the company’s high level of professionalism and quality of work.

“RIOULT comes to PS 11 annually to work with the students in a ten-session dance residency. The students attend a company lecture demonstration with performance at the start of the residency and to conclude the residency, the company performs with our students in a culminating performance for the school and parents.

I highly recommend RIOULT’s DanceREACH program.”
– Bob Bender, Principal of The WilliamT. Harris School / P.S. 11

“The workshops introduced our students to modern dance and RIOULT Dance NY choreography.  I highly recommend RIOULT’s DanceREACH program.“
– Patricia Applgate, William McKinley JHS

“The experience was identified as one that is so valuable it should become a yearly opportunity.  Without hesitation, we can say [RIOULT’s DanceREACH program] encompasses the mission of the Arts & Humanities Committee and has made the most long-term impact on our students to date.”
– Sandra J. Gardner, Director of Instruction and Staff Development, Berkshire Taconic Middle School

” I LOVED dancing with the RIOULT dance company it was one of the best experiences ever! Wish I could do it again and again.”
– Bronx Student

“I am a single mother and cannot afford for [my child] to go to a professional dance school. So, this was a great experience for her. [My child] absolutely loved rehearsing and performing! The show was phenomenal. My family and I enjoyed each and every piece. My daughter looked so professional under the guidance of your staff.  Thank you for this extraordinary opportunity!”
– Mother of Brooklyn Student

RIOULT Dance Center

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RIOULT Dance NY supports the creation and performance of the choreographic works of Pascal Rioult, and provides the community with an accessible and affordable center for dance and enrichment through the arts.