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RIOULT Dance Center

34-01 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY 11101  |   Entrance on 34th Avenue  |   (212) 398-5903

ADA Accessible

RIOULT Dance NY supports the creation and performance of the choreographic works of Pascal Rioult, and provides the community with an accessible and affordable center for dance and enrichment through the arts.


EZRA GOH is a GYROTONIC® teacher trainer certified in both the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods.

Ezra came late to dance, only beginning his first ballet lesson at the age of 21. Having to deal with lack of flexibility, built-up tightness from backgrounds in sports and military, and tensions from crash-coursing his dance education, he was driven to study and pursue a variety of movement approaches and methods to condition his body and supplement his physical ability. Ezra found everything he was looking for in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.

Through teaching the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, Ezra seeks to help people find strength that is both tensile and elastic; to find power that flows and breathes. He takes to heart the words of founder Juliu Horvath, “I want music in my body and poetry in my body, and I want to be skillful without struggle; it has to come without struggle.”

He is currently on faculty at Body Evolutions and Kinespirit Riverside, working with a wide range of clientele from young athletes looking to improve their performance; elderly and injured rehabilitating towards living pain free on the day-to-day; to new mothers seeking to restrengthen the body’s support systems postpartum.

Outside of teaching, Ezra is an active dancer currently performing with Allison Chase / Performance and Kizuna.