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RIOULT Dance Center

34-01 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY 11101  |   Entrance on 34th Avenue  |   (212) 398-5903

ADA Accessible

RIOULT Dance NY supports the creation and performance of the choreographic works of Pascal Rioult, and provides the community with an accessible and affordable center for dance and enrichment through the arts.

Manuela Agudelo

I began teaching Tango when I was 18 years old. Through the instruction of Tango and Latin rhythms I was able to single handedly rescue youth who would have otherwise had a dark future. The extreme violence of Medellin in the 80’s pushed me to use dance as a tool for social change. I it took upon myself to mentor and guide children and teens into artistic careers away from conflict and gang violence. I worked with children ages 6-18 within the various dance studios I have owned. I also have experience working with senior citizens and children with special needs. After 12 years of instruction and training professionally I competed in the National Tango Championship in Medellin Colombia and won first place in 1997 while pregnant with my first child. I continued teaching and training when I immigrated to the United Stated and I continue to bring my passion for Tango everywhere I go! Many of my dance students went on to become professionals who are currently excelling in their craft internationally. I hope to bring my personal experience as well as my knowledge of Dance to the community at RIOULT.